All photography provided by Keiichi & Miyuki Tanaka

Starting her school in her family home, Azusa Collins plays choreographer, logistics manager, dj, press and mentor to all her students. She’s overcome incredible obstacles in her life, from surviving numerous operations to re-learning to walk after being wheelchair-bound.



Dance is our passion and our joy! We love dancing and we want you to join us. It’s really that simple. Join us for one session or join us for life! We will welcome you either way.

Dancing gives our students confidence and teaches them the meaning of hard work. We have to work together and grow together.

Azusa believes that a teacher’s greatest asset isn’t only her dancing skill but her ability to pass down everything she knows to her students. She has the confidence to improve any dancer of any age and is determined to make you love dance.


2011 - Azusa opens her first classes to mothers and their children. The classes go so well she also opens a class for two and three-year olds as well as a class for four to five-year olds. Zumba classes also start soon after.

2012 - Jazz and hiphop “Niji-pro” classes begin.

2013 - “Niji-pro” Friday classes open.

2014 - Adult jazz starts. “Niji-pro” students gets a summer camp program.

2015 - Adult hiphop starts and select “Niji-pro” students refine their skills in a new intermediate hiphop class. Adults begin performing at “Hanaren,” a local dance show.

2016 - Adult AzuLatin classes open. “Niji-pro” Boys get their very own hiphop class.

2017 - NDS has its very first recital only open to its students. “Niji-pro” Saturday, jazz classes start.

2018 - Azusa starts providing private lessons.

2019 - “Niji-pro” students get an intermediate, jazz class.

2020 - ????

My daughter has been with NDS for over three years. In that time, she has learned to express herself, socialize with others and be a mentor to younger children.
— Maiko Kuwada, parent